How to Keep Up Your Credit Rating in Tight Times



It is never any fun to go through periods when money is short and expenses are long. But it gets worse when you realize how missing one or several payments can cost you even more money down the road. That is what happens when missed payments become part of your credit history, which affects the cost of borrowing for months and even years into the future. And it’s the reason why every working person should consider the option of payday loans.

We call it an option because that is essentially what a cash advance on paycheque loans is – your choice. You might be able to borrow money from family or friends. You perhaps would rather get quid from a pawnshop or loan shark (not legal, and we wholly recommend against that option). But payday cash advance loans are the safest and best available.

When you choose to get payday cash advance loans, it is your option to fix problems before they become bigger.

With online payday loans, the option has become preferred by millions of people. People who work know that they will get paid in a week or two. By having earlier access to their paycheque, they can override whatever emergencies emptied their wallets prematurely. It’s really about taking back control.

And what do you get when you do borrow with a cash advance?

  • Money in one hour, because that is the amount of time it takes for most lenders (e.g., QuickQuid) to transmit the money to your bank account.
  • A chance to improve your credit score, because hitting the due dates is always preferred by the credit reporting agency.
  • Self respect, by staving off the bill collectors you have more psychic energy available for work, family and recreation.

Never allow the nasty, quid-robbing unpleasant events of life to remove your sense of can-do optimism. Controlling unkind circumstances to the effect of improving your credit score is a big step in that direction.

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